Dubai Skin Drama (& some solutions)

So some of you gals and guys know I moved to Dubai over a month ago and some of you will only just be finding out. It’s been CRAAAAAAAAAZY! I have literally been non-stop for the past 6 weeks and I am only just getting a quick 15 minutes to breathe right now…I will cover my journey and some advice for those of you planning on moving here in another post. THIS post however is all about how my hair and skin have had a whole drama of their own.

I seriously cannot cope with how my skin and hair has changed since being in Dubai, combined with the infamous #dubaistone, these are some of the most common #dubaiproblems for expats. Prior to moving here, my skin and hair were both normal, just plain old ‘normal’. Now…I can’t even diagnose my skin condition, it’s congested, oily, dehydrated…basically, it’s confused. As for my hair…it’s constantly frizzy, dull, really dry but check this out…oily at the roots! Like what is going on? My body is so confused right now, everyone keeps telling me I will climatise but I had to get some answers as to why my body is so confused and I needed solutions. FAST! I have listed the key culprits.

Culprit 1. Climate change

From sun exposure, AC, sandstorms to pollution, heat tends to enlarge pores which then causes the skin to create more oil and what do you tend to do when you have oily skin? Well, most people would use a product to get rid of the excess oil, such as soap! DO NOT DO THIS! If you try to manage oily skin with a drying soap, your skin will work harder and produce MORE oil to over compensate for the oil removed. As for the congestion, this is most likely caused by dust and pollution.

Solution: Double cleanse, making sure you remove all traces of make up, dirt and grime. I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Chamomile Cleansing Butter to remove make up, sand, grime, followed by [comfort zone]’s Skin Regimen 2 in 1 Cleanser (which smells DELISH thanks to one of the main ingredients, White Tea).

Culprit 2. AC

AC is EVERYWHERE here! I never thought I would need jumpers and jackets here, but boy am I glad I brought them with me. AC dries my skin out but I need it…AND I have found a solution.

Solution: Spritz face with a toner which contains glycerin as it retains moisture. I brought supplies of my Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungry Mist. However, an amazing alternative, available in Dubai is Dermalogica’s AgeSmart Antioxidant Mist which also comes in a handy travel size. I’ve been through a couple here already, always spritzing on the go!

Culprit 3. Pollution

Solution #1 – Burka (no, really). I have been told by a high profile skin therapist that the best skin she has ever touched, belongs to local women who wear a burka. (I have also bought one).

Solution #2 – Diet. I haven’t been able to sort my diet out because Dubai is HEAVEN for a sweet-toothed addict like myself, but it is a fact that sugar will only aid those pesky free radicals to do damage to your skin, so I must try to eat food rich in antioxidants, like pomegranate, blueberries, avocados, fish and vegetables.

Culprit 4: Water

OK, so my hair and my skin can’t quite adjust to the water here, a few of the girls I have met warned me about this. The water in the UAE is desalinated which means most minerals have been removed.


I’ve been advised to buy a filter which fits onto a shower or be a Queen and bathe only in Evian. Pharmacies, such as BenSina sell them (I need to go and pick one up myself). I have also started washing my face with bottled and mineral water (until I get the filter) and have definitely noticed a difference.

It would take too many bottles to wash my hair but I have found Davines hair products have really helped my hair. I had a gloss treatment the other day with a Davines Finest Pigment in Dark Brown and my hair has been restored to it’s former glory. I also love the balancing shampoo and conditioners, which come in handy baby sizes (so cute).

Products I recommend

Dermalogica Antioxidant Mist and Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50
Dr Lancer SPF 30 Fluid
Davines Oi All in One Milk and Davines Natural Tech Balancing Shampoo

Stockists in Dubai

Dermalogica products can be found at high end salons and spa’s or at the flagship store in the Dubai Mall.

Davines and [comfort zone] products and treatments can be found online at or at a gorgeous salon & spa called Sheba in Silicon Oasis.

I will be back with more products and treatments I am loving in Dubai…along with some of my favourite places to eat!  Until then, ma’a salama (bye in Arabic)…..



5 thoughts on “Dubai Skin Drama (& some solutions)

  1. Hi dear, I am looking for best sunblock could you please recommend me the best one and I have got dry skin, I have heard so much about la Roche posay sunblock which one should I go for, u have got dry skin, and need non greasy, and lightweight

    1. Hi, depending on what factor you need, I like the Bioderma 100 while the weather in Dubai is so hot. I also like to use mineral powder sunscreen because my skin also gets greasy with sun block. I like Jane Iredale’s range of mineral powder sunscreens.

  2. hello! i like your blog. let me add one point to your checklist. the last would be regular check up with your dermatologist to ensure your skin’s health. it is really important to choose a clinic with an outstanding reviews from previous patients such as Marina Medical Centre

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