Whistle Stop Tour at Yas Mall

Gooooooood afternoon beautiful people!

I hope you are all well, wherever you are in the world.

The weather here in the UAE is just wonderful as usual, although my hair is not adjusting to the humidity (separate blog post on this drama).

I feel like I have finally settled into life in Dubai, I will do a separate blog post with advice and tips on moving to and living in Dubai, if there is anything in particular you would like to know about, you’re welcome to make requests via email and I will see what I can do.

A key pastime here is a day (and night) out at the mall. There are so many malls here in the UAE where you will find everything you need under one (enormous) roof, from designer shopping to some of the best restaurants and cafes from around the world.

I was never a fan of shopping malls in England, however, I really enjoy spending time (and unfortunately lots of money) at the malls here. That being said, I was invited along (by the gorge Uniquely-Chic) to the serene capital of Dubai, Abu Dhabi for a whistle stop tour at premium shopping destination, Yas Mall.


View at the main entrance

First stop was Cafe Bateel, I instantly fell in love with this place and to be honest, it deserves its own blog post. I love that all the food and retail goods are manufactured by the brand and within the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Since moving to the UAE, I have begun to really appreciate dates and I love the creativity of how they are used in fine dining, Cafe Bateel is a superb example with their signature Date Shake (I had 2 it was SO good), Sparkling Date drink (for Muslim gals like myself) and dates are even used in condiments and preserves. Delish!

Signature Date Shake




The next stop was Dish Dash for some Lebanese cuisine, being a pescetarian, there isn’t much I can eat because Lebanese food is heavy on meat, so I snacked on delish fresh bread and spicy potatoes. If you like your shisha, this is a cool spot to hang out, especially with the stunning view of the fountains (I didn’t manage to get any pictures because of where I was sat, sorry).

After Dish Dash, we headed over to a restaurant I am very familiar with from England, Giraffe. Giraffe is new to Abu Dhabi and has catered for the local market with dishes such as Lamb Kofta. The menu is pretty diverse so there’s something for everyone. This is a lovely family spot, especially if you’re lucky enough to get to see the Giraffe mascot who made a guest appearance.

Pineapple & Coconut Cooler
Lamb Kofta at Giraffe

Now for the fun part of the tour, as you all know I am THE biggest chocoholic and dessert fiend, so I squealed with excitement when we arrived at Illy Cafe for….Tiramsu!

Signature Tiramisu at Illy

With a spectacular range of special coffees and authentic Italian desserts, the Illy Cafe is a MUST and so is this Tiramsu, served with a fresh shot of espresso, just how it’s done in Italy! Bellissima!

Espresso cups chandelier
Just stop it! I could eat all of these freshly made desserts at Illy.
Mr No Thanks Espresso cup for sale


You know that saying about saving the best for last? Well, OMGZZZZZZZZZZZ, my jaw dropped when we arrived at the Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe…oh yes! A Guylian cafe  EXISTS!

If only this was real chocolate

Although my pictures are solely of chocolate, the cafe does offer lunch and dinner with a touch of Belgian elegance with dishes such as Praline Beef. I would like to go back to try the High Tea for Two, as I am a lover of Afternoon Tea.

Excuse me? How have I never met you before?



What I love about Yas Mall is the natural lighting that comes through the glass ceiling, it’s airy, light and you can actually breathe! The other shoppers are very pleasant and super stylish, mainly the locals. I loved people watching whilst sipping on my Belgian hot chocolate at the Guylian Cafe (I did also take a cheeky selfie just for you guys).

To summarise, this is a no-nonsense mall, they have carefully cherry picked all the right brands and stores for people (like me) who know what they want, it’s like the Harvey Nics of shopping malls, superb brands and brilliantly merchandised. Whether you live here or are a tourist, it’s definitely worth a visit. I don’t think it’s too far from Abu Dhabi mosque, so for those of you visiting the mosque, you should head over to Yas Mall afterwards. If this mall was my local, I would happily sit in the Guylian Cafe blogging every day!

FullSizeRender copy
It’s Guylian dah-ling

That’s all from me for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

For more information on Yas Mall and directions on how to get there, go to www.yasmall.ae.


You can also find me on Instagram @Farrahgray


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