Naya Reformer Pilates – Dubai

Since my childhood, I have been very fussy and extremely particular, which is why I am always asked ‘which is the best…..?’ foundation, blusher, dessert place…you name it, friends, family and friends of friends always ask me for my opinion on the best of the best. I can tell you why, it’s because I am constantly looking for a product or a place which meets or exceeds my expectations, so everything I recommend, is because I have tried most (sometimes all) other options and then report back with the best! Now, with all of the fine dining in Dubai and the rumour about the #Dubaistone (which is REAL by the way), I had to get fit again…

The last time I wrote about reformer pilates was when I was in England, at one of the best gyms in Birmingham. When I arrived in Dubai, the hunt was on for somewhere equally as good.

I didn’t think it would be so hard to find the right studio and teacher, I tried a few pilates studios and I wasn’t impressed, they just weren’t right for me because I’m not a beginner at reformer, I’m intermediate. However,  after 6 weeks, I found a place I highly recommend.

I happened to be shopping at Carrefour in Motorcity and noticed the turquoise blue branding for Naya Yoga & Pilates Studio, so I decided to go and speak to them to find out more….

I was greeted by a really sweet, friendly receptionist who was most helpful and she informed me that my first class would be free, like a taster session so you get to try before you buy. So, I booked in with no expectations.

Receptionist, Liz

My first free session was brilliant, although there were other beginners in the class, the teacher adapted positions for me because she could see I wasn’t a beginner. The class size is never any bigger than 5 which makes your reformer session more personal and focused. I love the cool, welcoming vibe at the studio, the teachers know their reformer and I felt good after my class. SOLD!

You can book in for blocks of 5, 10 plus more but looking at the packages I don’t remember seeing a significant saving with the more you buy, so I booked in for a block of 5 and I think it cost around 400 AED.

I have also recently discovered classes with Miriam, I really like her method of teaching and style of classes. all of the teachers are great, but I do highly rate Miriam, her classes are challenging and she is always mixing them up.

Miriam in reformer mode





Toe Socks – compulsory attire for reformer

The studio is women only and as far as I am aware, there is only the one in Motorcity.

Naya offers a range of classes, different levels of reformer pilates, mat pilates, yoga and I even heard some latino music from one of the studio’s, so not sure what class that was but sounded like lots of fun. I like how they also host events where they discuss topics such as nutrition and the causes (and solutions) to emotional eating.

I don’t like gyms, never have, the only exercise I do is walk my dogs and reformer pilates. You don’t need to spend hours in a gym running on a treadmill, you CAN have a fit, healthy and toned body with intelligent exercise such as reformer pilates. The added bonus is it never gets boring, you are constantly improving your balance, co-ordination, posture, flexibility and strength.

I highly recommend Reformer Pilates for everyone. Go and try it at Naya and your first session is FREE!

For more information, go to

Me in a plank



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One thought on “Naya Reformer Pilates – Dubai

  1. I love reformer Pilates, have been going to a studio here in Sydney for about 18 months now. Like you, I despise traditional gyms, and due to a few old injuries I have found reformer to be the perfect exercise for me.

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