Sky Tea at the Burj Al Arab

Thanks to my beautiful and very generous ex-colleagues, I had the pleasure of indulging in afternoon tea at one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab, an iconic structure in Dubai, distinctly shaped like a sail.


To even get past security, you have to prove you are dining at the hotel by showing your booking reference email, so security is pretty tight, which is understandable at a place where many of the world’s VIPs come for some R&R (by helicopter by the way)…Upon pulling up to the hotel, all you see are white Rolls Royces, which belong to the hotel for their very lucky guests.

Each time I come to this hotel, the interior design always makes me smile, it’s stunning, the colours, the textures of the mosaic floor, the dancing fountains…I always wonder what the rooms look like and would love to stay for just one night…*dreams 



After following the yellow brick mosaic floor, we took the lift up to the 27th floor to the glitzy and very blue Sky Bar. I wasn’t expecting such a setting for afternoon tea, but then afternoon tea in England is very different to here I suppose. The view was stunning but on a vain note, the blue decor didn’t help my pictures and it almost felt cold. I had afternoon tea here before with my friend Jade and we sat on the the first floor, it was much cheaper and to be honest, a much nicer setting.

His & Hers patent shoes going up to the 27th floor
His & Hers patent shoes going up to the 27th floor

The staff were all wonderfully friendly and attentive, I had made them aware of dietary requirements (and no alcohol) over the phone, so they were all prepared and organised and began to bring out each dish.



We started off with Sparkling Date drink (my new drink) and some delicious pistachio stuffed dates. In total, we had around 7 dishes, pretty much the same as the afternoon tea I had on the first floor last year (but I don’t remember us having Creme Brulee), which consisted of finger sandwiches (I had vegetarian ones), pastries, homemade scones and an array of teas and coffee.




My favourite dishes were of course the pastries, the warm homemade scones and the most amazing Creme Brulee…yummmmm!

We were then surprised with a rich chocolate cake and a rose (so cute and so sweet).



Before we were about to leave, we were then left with a gift, a lovely keepsake to remember our day out, it was a gift box containing a branded Burj Al Arab pen and some fine handmade artisan chocolates. This was a lovely touch and so unexpected.

In summary, the Sky Tea experience is perfect for an anniversary or special occasion, especially if you want to experience the Burj Al Arab, the views of the Palm Jumeriah and World Islands are stunning, but it’s the interior design which always amazes me. It’s pricey at 620 AED per person but if you’re on holiday and want to visit one of the most luxurious hotels in the world but don’t want to spend a fortune to stay the night, then it’s a cost effective way to tick a visit to the Burj Al Arab off your bucket added bonus is you get to feel like you’re in a spaceship in this circuit board-esque tunnel.

I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to my amazing friends at my previous company, Graftons, who surprised me with such a thoughtful and generous leaving gift.



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