In the Spotlight – Illustrator, Laura Lulabelles

I woke up to the MOST AHH-MAZING tag on Instagram yesterday so I thought it was only right to share this incredibly talented woman with the world!

LJ (Laura Jane AKA @lauralulabelles on Instagram) has been (secretly, until recently) hand drawing incredible artwork including incredibly attractive caricatures. I noticed she had drawn Huda Beauty and Fashioncide (I promise, I didn’t hint for a drawing), so I was literally squealing (OK, I think I screamed) with excitement when I saw she had drawn me. It was such a surprise and also such an honour because what I like about LJ, is that she chooses who SHE wants to draw, a true artist!

Prior to LJ drawing sketches of her (ahem) fave people, I have worked with her in the past for all of the brands I work/worked for, whether it was creating artwork for press invites, writing name cards for press events, labels for gifts, personalised greeting cards and I even had her sketching live at an event at Selfridges, there’s nothing this gal can’t do!

farrah drawing by LJ

I love how LJ has captured the expression in the eyes, if you look closely, they are all very different. Also, I don’t know how she did it but she matched my skin tone perfectly and she even got my alien/oval shaped face right!

huda pic
Huda Beauty
Fashioncide pic

Just look at the detail of the hair and make up on Fashioncide’s drawing. GORJOIS!!!

So remember I said, I didn’t hint? Well, I did use a #lauralulabelles and regrammed Huda’s (which she liked and commented on), so maybe, if you really want one, if you use that # and are reeeeeally lucky, maybe you could be next!

For brands and PRs who wish to work with LJ, I advise you book in with her in advance as she is getting booked up pretty quickly and very fast.



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