Shopping (and dog walking) in Dubai

IMG_1632Although Zuri is a supermodel dog with her long legs and gorgeous looks, she certainly DOES NOT know how to pose in front of the camera, unlike Minaj (RIP).

I can’t quite believe I actually walked my dogs in this outfit, but there was a valid reason…..seriously…

Come on, did you REALLY think I would intentionally wear this to walk my dogs, in the desert?! Pffff. pas de chance! We were going out for dinner and had to quickly walk the dogs, but I couldn’t be bothered to change. My husband thought it was hilarious so he papped me! But the blogger in me was like, hold up, let’s turn it into an impromptu photo shoot, we had less than 5 minutes and as you can see Zuri was NOT at all interested.


I really love this outfit and since being in Dubai, I have really struggled to by ANY clothes until I discovered, an online store, sort of like an ASOS, so now I am on there all the time. I love it! I find the fashion in the malls is just not to my taste at all. I think I could potentially have a new career here as a buyer, it’s definitely needed! Even Sephora here doesn’t excite me, nowhere near as good as the USA. So, Sephora, if you need a beauty buyer, I’m most definitely you’re gal.

Shirt –  Mango

Skirt – Mango

Bag – Lulu Guinness

Shoes – not from Sivvi,com

Dog – mine (Cane Corso)

On a final note, I have to give a shoutout to my girl She-earl-Boo for enjoying my blog.



One thought on “Shopping (and dog walking) in Dubai

  1. farrah-boo we are all so happy that you are in our lives .you truly inspire every women to always look there best. i find myself getting excited about clothes and make up which is a completely new thing for me and its all tanx too you hun !!!!!

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