Eid Breakfast at La Serre

Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem `(picture courtesy of my sister, Zorra)

EID MUBARAK EVERYONE! I’m back and have to say I did not miss social media or blogging. I feel bad saying that because once upon a time (along with the class of 2009 bloggers), I LOVED blogging! I loved sharing my new finds with you guys and other bloggers. I know everything evolves but seeing how blogging has changed so much, it doesn’t leave me with much motivation but this is a whole other topic for another day (and I’m sorry to my friends and family for not updating it more frequently).

So, Ramadan is over, which I am sad about but I do plan on fasting more regularly and I also want to continue my spiritual journey but there was only one thing I was craving…..the infamous breakfast at La Serre! I have often bought croissants and deauvillaise from La Serre to eat at home to break my fast but to have a proper breakfast on a weekend was AHH-MAZING!

If you live in Dubai or are coming on holiday to Dubai, you MUST have breakfast at La Serre. Some pictures below to tease your tastebuds.

wise words

You can either have breakfast in the Boulangerie downstairs which is more of a Parisian style cafe or on the weekends, you can have a fancy schmancy brekky in the Bistro upstairs (just don’t wear flip flops and bermuda shorts).

fresh waffle with real chocolate, maple syrup and chantilly cream. Ohh la la.

This waffle was so fresh, it was all doughy and oh-so-delish! I could taste a little lemon zest which gave it a nice kick, I think they should offer to serve it with ice-cream though.

croissants and pain au chocolat

Freshly made croissants and pain au chocolat. French bakers come in early hours of the morning to bake these fresh for breakfast everyday!

Eggs Benedict (Hollindaise sauce on the side)

If you search for La Serre on Instagram, you’ll see images of Eggs Benedict, they’re pretty famous for making a mean Eggs B. I am not a fan of too much Hollindaise sauce, so I ask to have it on the side.

For a decent breakfast, you’re looking at spending approx AED 150 per person. This is worth every penny!



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