La Collection 34 from Diptyque

collection 34_ambiance2-HD.jpeg I’m an old school fan of Diptyque, I feel like I am always saying, ‘I was buying and using this brand a long long time ago’, but the truth is, I was! I have been in the beauty business since I was 16 years old, when I first worked for Calvin Klein cosmetics and then furthered my career at Space.NK, where I first discovered Diptyque and learned SO much, a solid foundation for my future career (excuse the pun). Moving on, I have always been a genuine fan of Diptyque, so I was happy to discover that the founders are taking us back to the story they were founded upon. Diptyque’s founders; Christine Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant have always sold limited edition objects to personify the ‘art of living’. Intricate objects with colourful patterns and designs mixed with scents really play on your emotions, making your house your home – your comfort zone. La Collection 34 really recaptures the spirit of the very first Diptyque shop, the packaging is not how you know it. One of the original reasons I was so drawn to Diptyque was for the quirky packaging which I loved so much that I would clean out my old jars and re-use them for bits and pieces, make up brushes, spare change (yes, I had quite the collection until my little sister kept them after I moved out). The latest collection come in matt porcelain pots crafted entirely by hand using the ‘terre melee’ (mixed clay) technique, meaning every piece is unique! J’adore! lacollection34_image_leredoute_candle220&packA reinterpretation of a mysterious potpourri that could be found in the original boutique when it first opened, Le Redouté fills the air with the scent of flowers and spices. Cinnamon, clove and orange float on a warm breeze over a bed of roses, cedar and amber. lacollection34-BougieLaProuveresse&etui-CMJN-md La Prouveresse is the name of a lane that Yves Coueslant would take when he stayed in his house near Grasse. A path lined with fig and cypress trees, aromatic herbs and crunchy leaves. What do you think of the latest packaging from Diptyque? You can find the Diptyque store in Dubai Mall and in Harvey Nichols and The Avenues, Kuwait. signature


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