Boys and Beauty Products

byredoMen are funny, especially when it comes to grooming, they make out like they are not interested in beauty products and they huff and puff whilst having to wait for us gals, while we swatch away every Tom Ford lipstick and coo over anything limited edition.

BUT…….don’t be fooled ladies. Behind closed doors, they are privately grooming themselves with YOUR products.

Have you ever noticed your Laura Mercier Almond Body Scrub is rather low?

Your eye cream has been dug out by a big fat finger…

The same for your pot of CARMEX or NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm…

The lid of your VERY expensive face moisturiser has not been replaced properly…

Your tweezers have not been put back in their rightful place….(this is a particular violation, I mean, what the HELL are they plucking?)

My boy has gone to another level though. One particularly hot and sweaty Dubai morning we were leaving the house and he went back inside because he had forgotten something. Upon his return I could smell juniper and black pepper. I thought it was his Creed Aventus, (which has top notes of black pepper) so didn’t think anything of it. However, throughout our journey, I could smell patchouli, vanilla and leather, that was when the penny dropped, he had used my Byredo 1996!

I’m not going to lie, it smells DAMN good on him, it actually suits his skin better than mine but seriously, what made him try MY perfume. I doubt he knew Byredo is generally a unisex brand. Maybe it’s the packaging? He brushed it off when he got exposed so I didn’t get an explanation but I decided he could have it. Aren’t I sweet eh?

Does your boy steal any of your beauty products?



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