Beauty Hacks to stay Beautiful in Dubai

Bonjour les amis of le internet,

So, I have been in Dubai since February and I thought it would be wise of me to share some beauty hacks with you, mainly for those of you new to Dubai or if you’re planning on moving here.

#1 Baby powder will become your BBF (Best Beauty Friend). Seriously, in the summer here, the combination of the heat and humidity are unreal. Your hair is literally soaking wet! For me, the hair at the nape of my neck becomes really sticky and grosse. I rarely wear my hair out, it is always tied up in a top knot (#2 beauty hack). I have never been a fan of dry shampoo, it always has a really funny smell the day after, I’ve always stuck to the old school method of using baby powder to freshen up my hair, if you have dark hair like me, just make sure you thoroughly shake out an excess powder and make sure it’s blended into your hair.

#2 Top knot – no explanation needed. However, be warned, you will get funny stares because here, everyone has keratin hair treatments and perfect blow dries but I’m bringing the lazy yet practical English top knot to the UAE. #Boom

#3 Water filter for your shower. My hair was falling out excessively, my skin was blotchy and I couldn’t figure out why. I’m sure there are other factors involved, such as climatising and the change in diet, however, I was advised by veteran expats to buy a water filter for my shower and ta dah! Since changing the shower head with a special water filter (a brand called Blu, which is available in any pharmacy) I can see and feel the difference to my hair and skin. My advice is not to delay investing in this, I wish I knew about the situation with the water over here as soon as I arrived, after all, prevention is better than cure.

On a final note, if you have pets, DO NOT give them tap water. DO NOT! STEP AWAY from the kitchen sink right now, don’t even think it is OK. It is NOT! When we first moved here, we filled up bottles of tap water for the dogs, thinking it was OK. my dogs hair was falling out so badly, that Zuri had bald patches! As soon as we moved the dogs onto bottled drinking water, their hair is OK, just the usual small amounts of shedding.



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