Queen of Reformer Pilates

Avid Ballerina and certified Pilates and Reformer Pilates instructor – Ha, ┬áreally is a true testament to her teaching, I admire her healthy, toned physique, her dedication to her students and I thoroughly enjoy her method of teaching. For me, Ha is the Queen of Reformer. From the age of 7, in her native country Vietnam, Ha took up free dance and ballet at a … Continue reading Queen of Reformer Pilates

Eating, Loving and Wearing (#ELW)

Living and working in Dubai is not a permanent holiday as some of my friends seem to think (*shakes head and finger simultaneously). However, somehow, I don’t know how BUT us expats ALWAYS find the time to discover new places to eat. In a city where residents eat out on average 11 x week and where 139 new properties (91 hotels and 48 hotel apartments) … Continue reading Eating, Loving and Wearing (#ELW)