Skin bacteria

Not long after I arrived in Dubai, I was suffering from the most horrendous rash on my neck. I have one picture which was when the rash was on it’s ‘best behaviour’, so it wasn’t so bad BUT at times, it was scaly, red, sore and looked TERRIBLE!

I tried everything and went to dermatologists and doctors who told me it was ‘an allergy’. I was certain it wasn’t an allergy because I am not allergic to anything, which got me blaming my perfume…so I stopped wearing perfume…which still didn’t help.


Purely by accident, I discovered a probiotic skincare line from the States, Bioesse.


After reading up on the brand, I learned that most of our cells are actually bacteria. Human microbiomes live in harmony on the surface of the body, from intestines to skin and are often neglected which causes disharmony.  The trillions of friendly microbiomes function like an ‘invisible organ’, protecting us against infection, creating vitamins, metabolising food and helping to keep skin healthy. Bioesse state that they are the world’s first  skin microbiome-powered skin care, designed keep skin strong as well as maintaining its beauty.

A microbiome ‘out of balance’ is associated with common skin ailments like acne, eczema and rosacea. I have come to the self-diagnosed conclusion that this is what happened to my neck, so I started using Bioesse Probiotic Essence for the skin on my face and neck every morning after moisturising and within one week, my rash had completely disappeared.

I highly recommend this product if you have any of the skin conditions mentioned, it is BRILLIANT! I plan on trying the rest of the range too, so will keep you updated.

You can now find me on snapchat for daily doses of skincare and dessert snaps. ohlala!

Bioesse is available in the States and ships worldwide. Visit their website here.



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