Out with the old, in with..the favourites

For a number of reasons, I have been AWOL on social media for a while, primary reason being my beloved Baby Blue was ill with terminal cancer and he went to sleep forever last week. It’s still too soon to talk about it but I will when I am ready.

Another reason is because I was studying reformer pilates, which I will cover in a separate post. It was put on hold due to Blue being poorly but I got my results and happy to say I passed, which was a miracle considering I couldn’t think of anything except worry about Blue alone at home while I was in my classes.

Moving on to the present day, I decided to have a clear out of excess clothes, shoes and of course, beauty products which I will be giving away. Being in the beauty industry, you end up with A LOT of products and although I give away a lot, it’s easy to become…erm….a hoarder ( mean I have 2 backups of a backup, is this normal??).

Whilst going through a plethora of beauty products, I discovered brand new, unopened products, some I had only ever swatched once, others which brought back really happy memories from days gone by before blogging became a business model and some which were my absolute favourites which I had completely forgotten about, and there they were, at the back of my Muji draws gathering dust. I felt a waive of sadness when re-swatching some of these products because of how much blogging has changed since those days, but this topic of conversation is ANOTHER blog post and potentially a very long one!

Moving along, I rediscovered my collection of YSL lipsticks, I LOVED these SO much before I moved back to matte lips. The YSL packaging is still my favourite to this day.

I also stumbled across my OCC lip tars!! I had to throw them away as they have been in these drawers for YEARS! I remember Kaushal from Beautifulfilled and I would go crazy buying all the colours available, even if they didn’t suit me! Haha.

I am still a fan of Bourjois and forgot I had such an impressive collection of bronzers, cream and powder blushers, lipsticks, I even have all of the extremely highly pigmented eye shadows, which are incredible value for money. I am personally not an eyeshadow kinda gal, I like natural make up, but for those of you who do love eye makeup, you must have these in your collection.

I even have unopened mascaras from Lancome, Eyeko and MAC! Brand new serums and moisturisers from Trilogy, Dr Lancer, [comfort one], ORLY nail polishes from limited edition collections. It was a real Aladdin’s cave, better yet, Princess Jasmine’s palace of beauty!

As part of a huge clear out, I will give most of these products away and I shall abstain from buying anything new unless it really is WOW! I want to have minimal products to try to live more of a minimalist lifestyle, so here are some of my former firm favourites which have made back into my premier league beauty products.

  1. YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks
  2. Eyeko mascaras
  3. Bourjois blushers (cream and powder)
  4. Back ups of my DSquared x MAC collection
  5. Jamela’s gold face masks

Do you have some long forgotten classics in your make up collection?



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