Play with your food

On the 36th floor of the H hotel, you’ll find a sweet little spot aptly named ‘Play’. I heard about this place last year and also heard/read mixed reviews, some positive and some, not so positive. Either way, I like to judge for myself, so I finally headed over with Mr QB, She-earl, Madame Sara Larabi and Miss fusspot Mary,  a good mix of people to give a fair opinion.

One thing I really dislike is when people judge a restaurant based on the previous restaurant the chef has come from, so I am not going to mention anything about the chef or his history, this is purely about the place and the food, not the individual behind the concept.

Due to Madame Larabi, as well as SZR traffic, we arrived late for our reservation but the team were pretty cool about it and the hostess escorted us to our table, thanks to Mr QB, it was probably the best table in the restaurant (so far, so good). As you all know, for me to want to go back to a restaurant, I have to see the dessert menu first (yes, I get strange looks but it’s my thing, so what!). I was super impressed with the line up but of course, as they say, the proof is in the pudding but we shall come back to desserts.

dessert menu

Black cod at Play
Black cod at Play

The main menu was pretty impressive, with a really good selection for everyone (I am a pescatarian), it’s probably worth mentioning the concept at this point, which is ‘Mediterrasian’ (a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian) Mr QB ordered for us all, but I did specifically request the black cod. We ended up with a lot of dishes but because they’re small sharing plates, nothing went to waste and I didn’t feel heavy or full. The assortment of flavours were truly delicious, for example, we had an avocado dish which was really simple but the tangy dressing is engrained into my tastebuds memory, I can taste it when I think of it. The black cod was pretty average and the risotto which was made a la minute was too cheesy and ‘truffley’ for me but the guys loved it and everything else was truly delicious. I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post so I didn’t take note of my favourite dishes, but I do plan on going back, so I will update this post with the dishes I recommend.

‘Sticky Dating’

Moving onto desserts, OHLALA! We ordered everything except for the cheesecake and the ice-creams/sorbets. The “sneaker bar” was bloody amazing! I am craving it right now as I type! The date pudding was served with macha ice-cream, which I wasn’t a fan of, both Sara and I felt it tasted better without the ice-cream. The one dessert which was a disappointment was the ‘Morning Breakfast’, a Horlicks flavoured creme brulee, this seemed so promising on paper but in reality, it was just….so odd and I remember it, but for all the wrong reasons, such as the strange unappealing froth on the plate and the brulee was more like a jelly consistency. The ‘Frenchie’, which is a banana tarte tatin was Sara’s call and booooy, this one was a winner! It was so good, it didn’t last long for me to get a shot.

All in all, I would definitely go back, these guys have both a playful menu and a playful, talented team of staff AND every time I say ‘play’, I sing J.Lo’s song which has really good memories for me from my college days….so, on that note, here you go. Enjoy!



One thought on “Play with your food

  1. Looking at the dessert menu first is entirely normal behaviour 😉 and I make a point of ordering it in its entirety upon my first visit to any restaurant. If it impresses, I go back and if not then I move on – with so many new openings in Dubai, this is easy. I’ve only been here once but arrived minutes after the kitchen had closed and found the reception staff to be very rude and arrogant (perhaps the receptionist’s sadistic glee will be reciprocated should I ever bother to write about this place; but I doubt it very much, as like you said we all want to make up our own minds). And please don’t let that last sentence discourage you as I’ll be sure to read the next review so long as there is something in there about dessert!

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