Hello Beautiful, Hydrated Skin

I think I am a tortoise! Seriously, after recently being told tortoises don’t drink water, they get all the fluids they need from vegetables, it reminded me that I hardly ever drink water, which has been a life-long problem for me. Water maintains body temperature and maintains blood circulation, and I tend to only drink water when I am thirsty, so to discover H30 by … Continue reading Hello Beautiful, Hydrated Skin

What do you mean, you don’t double-cleanse?

Although double-cleansing has been a part of my skincare regime since 2000, Hollywood starlets embraced the Erno Laszlo double-cleanse as a core principle of their skincare regime back in the 1920’s. Back then, Erno Laszlo urged his clients to switch from cold cream to his now infamous two-step oil and bar soap duo for a deeper, more effective cleanse. As one of the original doctor … Continue reading What do you mean, you don’t double-cleanse?

Journey of a Pilates Graduate

After 4 days of intensive training including lectures, 45 hours of additional training, a written exam, and a practical exam (which was being filmed) I became a pilates graduate! I chose to study with A Life of Energy, co-founded by Australian health expert, Caroline Leon, an incredibly strong woman who I have come to admire. With 2 degrees (Medical Science being one of them), Caroline … Continue reading Journey of a Pilates Graduate

#BELIEVETHEHYPE| Huda Beauty Lip Contour pencils

Although I have reverted back to glossy lips for the summer, I just had to review the Huda Beauty lip contour pencils. I was given Bombshell a few months ago, which is a nude-pink and have been wearing it ever since! The texture is buttery-soft but not too soft (although I do keep it in the fridge for a few hours before sharpening it) and … Continue reading #BELIEVETHEHYPE| Huda Beauty Lip Contour pencils