#BELIEVETHEHYPE| Huda Beauty Lip Contour pencils

Although I have reverted back to glossy lips for the summer, I just had to review the Huda Beauty lip contour pencils. I was given Bombshell a few months ago, which is a nude-pink and have been wearing it ever since! The texture is buttery-soft but not too soft (although I do keep it in the fridge for a few hours before sharpening it) and the colour pay-off is highly pigmented, I recommend you apply it with natural lighting because I have gone overboard at times and what I like most, it doesn’t ‘gather’, you know when lips get dry which results in that dry layer of product? (I stopped wearing many lipstick brands because of ‘gathering’).

I loved Bombshell SO much, I picked up a red ‘Cheerleader’ and a rouge-noir-blackcurrant aptly called ‘Vixen’. I haven’t tried Cheerleader yet but I have found the formula of Vixen is not as buttery-soft as Bombshell, however the colour is a superb match for most of my dark lipsticks such as Lime Crime’s Wicked, Aromi’s Dark Cherry and Rosewood.

Huda Beauty lip contour in Bombshell

Huda Beauty lip contour in Bombshell pencil

Last time I passed by Sephora, they were completely sold out, however in the UK, I noticed they are available on Cult Beauty for £16.

I really admire Huda and her sisters, they are incredibly naturally beautiful women, both inside and out. They remind me so much of me and my sisters and I believe their closeness and humility is what makes them so successful and loved by everyone and I am happy to say, I am a big fan and shall continue to support their brand.

I was back in London last week and only just got back to Dubai yesterday, so I will take pictures of Cheerleader and Vixen as well as share details on my skincare supplies from Erno Laszlo and Chantecaille.



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