Bare faced cheek!


As the humidity rises in Dubai and glorious summer days make a long-awaited arrival in England, it’s time to lighten your make-up load. It’s easy to get caught in a make up rut and for some, the thought of leaving the house without foundation is not even an option.

I am an advocate of natural make up and I’m always going on about enhancing natural beauty rather than hiding it. It was a compliment from a friend which led into a discussion that actually inspired me to write this post, I have recently started taking supplements from Rejuvenated (separate blog post) but before that, when the temperature was rising to what I can only describe as a preview of Hell, I had reduced my make up to only 3 products.

Really? You ask.

Yes! I even quit my signature eyeliner. When I was in England earlier this month, on my first morning back home I dropped a brand new MAC liquidlast eyeliner on the floor and the brush picked up all sorts of dust and fluff so I threw it away, which left me without eyeliner for 10 days, I really didn’t feel like buying another one after that so thought I would go with the flow and guess what? I loved it!

So, back to this compliment, I was wearing minimal make up, my 3 favourite bare faced beauty products and he said: “you look beautiful today” (don’t you just hate when people finish a compliment off with ‘today’, what the HELL do I look like every other day??). Anyway, we ended up getting into a conversation about how I was wearing less make up and he (like my husband) said they prefer bare faced beauty, as do I but it’s easy to end up layering make up, especially when you’re having an ‘off’ day. Whilst social media has allowed thousands, maybe even millions of talented self-taught and professional make up artists, bloggers, YouTubers to showcase their talents, it can also be a bit of a curse, normalising theatrical mannequin-esque make up which on camera/pictures looks great, but in real life and upon close inspection can sometimes look like a Madame Tussauds waxwork.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am quitting make up, nor am I advising anyone reading this post either. However, I am suggesting sheer make up, especially for the summer, allowing natural beauty to shine through. For example, I love freckles and I think it’s so youthful when I see women embracing and allowing their freckles to show through.

To properly embrace a bare faced look, skin care is key! It’s all about that base! My mother brought me up saying this;

“If your skin looks good, everything looks good.” Mrs Tamina K

For skin care, I double-cleanse, alternating between Dermalogica pre-cleanse oil/Clarins Anti-pollution cleanser and Erno Laszlo’s recently re-launched duo-cleanse featured in this post. I really massage my face with my knuckles during the oil cleanse and sometimes I use Sarah Chapman’s facial massager (separate post/video needed for this one) . I also recently discovered the Hydrafacial at my favourite and most trusted clinic in the UK, Outline Clinic. I have video footage which I need to put together so will post about that soon but in the meantime you can read more about the Hydrafacial here.

At night, I use Biologique Recherche P50 exfoliating toner before applying my chosen night serum, cream, oil. At the moment, I am alternating between Erno Laszlo’s hydramemory Sleep Mask, Aurelia’s night oil and Outline Clinic’s Healing Active Night Cream.

After my morning cleanse (single), I use rose water to tone my skin and apply Outline Clinic’s Vitamin C serum, followed by my latest find, Chantecaille’s anti-glycation primer – this product is one of the best sunscreen’s I have discovered for living in Dubai.

Now, you have probably scrolled all the way down to find out which 3 make up products I use and highly recommend for bare faced beauty.


  1. Daniel Sandler’s watercolour blushers ARE the key to bare faced beauty. At the moment, I can’t stop wearing ‘Golden Glow’ as an all over bronzer and sometimes I mix it with ‘Trip’ for my cheeks, which is perfect for tanned skin. I like to use it on my lips too. It’s lightweight, oil-free and lasts all day! Even in the humidity and heat in Dubai.
  2. Mascara, I alternate between quite a few but at the moment, I am using MAC’s Haute and Naughty. I remember suggesting this idea (2 mascaras in one with different brushes) when I worked for Calvin Klein cosmetics in 2001, they UK management team told me it would never be possible!
  3. Lipstick, I love a bold matte lip but for the summer, I have switched to lip gloss or tinted lip balm, so I’m either using Daniel Sandler lipgloss in Vivid Desire, Daniel Sandler’s watercolour blusher on lips with lip balm or CARMEX Moisture Plus in pink or red. I find glossy lips are also very youthful and ideal for summer (no lipgloss lashes across cheeks).

I sometimes use a fourth product, which is highlighter. I have never been a fan of contouring but highlighter is King for me, or should I say Queen?

If you chose to go for bare faced beauty, which key products would you keep?



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