Remember that time during the recession, the beauty industry was not affected because of the ‘lipstick effect’? The only little luxury women allowed themselves to make them ‘feel good’?

Now, we have the lip filler effect. All over instagram I see enhanced lips, some look incredible (so good that I feel tempted to plump up mine a bit more) and some, which don’t look so good and this is all down to the nurse or doctor plumping those lips.

I am sort of digressing to be honest, this post was only supposed to be about a little shoot I did with the amazing duo, Nikola and Tamara (husband and wife). I wanted to show how magnificent the Pat Mcgrath Lust 004 limited lipstick collection truly is. My friend was on holiday in NYC and she literally went to every Sephora to hunt this collection down and then at her final store, there she found it, the very last one! As elusive as those golden tickets in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, haha.

Enough babbling on, here are the final images and my favourite look is DEFINITELY the gold teeth, totally made me want a ‘grill’ a la Goldie style. RESPECT!








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