Beauty Hacks to stay Beautiful in Dubai

Bonjour les amis of le internet, So, I have been in Dubai since February and I thought it would be wise of me to share some beauty hacks with you, mainly for those of you new to Dubai or if you’re planning on moving here. #1 Baby powder will become your BBF (Best Beauty Friend). Seriously, in the summer here, the combination of the heat … Continue reading Beauty Hacks to stay Beautiful in Dubai

Boys and Beauty Products

Men are funny, especially when it comes to grooming, they make out like they are not interested in beauty products and they huff and puff whilst having to wait for us gals, while we swatch away every Tom Ford lipstick and coo over anything limited edition. BUT…….don’t be fooled ladies. Behind closed doors, they are privately grooming themselves with YOUR products. Have you ever noticed your … Continue reading Boys and Beauty Products

#ALSIcebucketchallenge FAILS!

I have really enjoyed watching everyone getting involved to raise awareness (and money) for ALS (aka Motor Neurone Disease). Five years ago, a good friend of mine lost her dad to this slow, painful disease and I always remember her saying there wasn’t much awareness or research conducted on ALS, and this viral campaign has proved how when people come together, great things can be … Continue reading #ALSIcebucketchallenge FAILS!

Bluebeards Revenge – Not just for ‘real men’

It’s that time of year again when gals have to start shaving their legs again….yep, it’s Summer! I have been meaning to write about Bluebeards Revenge shaving products since last Summer (oops)…and yes, that’s how long I have been loyally using the shaving cream and shaving brush. I rarely shaved my legs because I couldn’t find a razor which didn’t leave my skin with that … Continue reading Bluebeards Revenge – Not just for ‘real men’

Henna Art comes to Selfridges

I first met the super-talented Pavan a few years ago when she was quietly creating henna masterpieces on celebs, so it has been wonderful to see her brand grow with the likes of Topshop wanting a piece of the action. In May, Pavan will be launching into Selfridges, London, the store voted ‘the best department store in the world’. You know you’ve made it when … Continue reading Henna Art comes to Selfridges