Vogue Arabia Shoot

WARNING! PICTURE-HEAVY POST I’ll never forget my obsession for Vogue magazine which all started when I was a teenager back in the 90’s (before e-zines ever existed). I still have most of the magazines to this day in my old room at my dad’s house, except for the few collector’s editions (*angry face) which got destroyed thanks to a leaking roof, I was most upset … Continue reading Vogue Arabia Shoot

#ELW 27th September

Eating at Catch Dubai at the Fairmont Hotel. This hip little spot is hidden away at the Fairmont, Sheikh Zayed Road. Besides from a few too many trout pouts, the crowd were unpretentious and the ambience was right up my street, with some classic hip hop tracks and some seriously delish dishes. Loving, love and in love with diptyque’s new Oud Palao fragrance. There is so … Continue reading #ELW 27th September

Shopping (and dog walking) in Dubai

Although Zuri is a supermodel dog with her long legs and gorgeous looks, she certainly DOES NOT know how to pose in front of the camera, unlike Minaj (RIP). I can’t quite believe I actually walked my dogs in this outfit, but there was a valid reason…..seriously… Come on, did you REALLY think I would intentionally wear this to walk my dogs, in the desert?! … Continue reading Shopping (and dog walking) in Dubai

Step back in time at the Rose & Co Apothecary

Last weekend, my sisters and I took a road trip to the famous village of Haworth, also known as Bronte Country (home to the  literary greats, the Bronte sisters). I’m also certain I saw a sign in the village that Haworth was the very first fair trade city in the WORLD! As much as I am a huge fan of the Brontes’ work, my primary … Continue reading Step back in time at the Rose & Co Apothecary