Comptoir Sud Pacifique Launch – Dubai

The beauty market in the Middle East is booming, with luxury fragrances contributing to this significant growth. Some of the biggest fragrance brands in the world have standalone stores here, such as Creed, Jo Malone, Amouage, Diptyque and I think Byredo are due to open a standalone store in Abu Dhabi. The point is, fragrance and smelling good is BIG business here, some brands even … Continue reading Comptoir Sud Pacifique Launch – Dubai

Summer lovin’ scent from See by Chloe

Following on from my previous perfume post (which you can read here), I have discovered another gem of a perfume, which is now my Summer scent…..   Created by perfumer Michel Almairac, the new See By Chloe perfume is an addictive floral/fruity scent. I must say, I wasn’t blown away by my first spritz, however, I noticed within 10 minutes, how it started to change from … Continue reading Summer lovin’ scent from See by Chloe

Scents and Sensibility

I have been meaning to share some of my perfume collection for a while now. This post is to help you decide if a ‘scent’ is a ‘sensible’ purchase. This is only my personal opinion, others may not agree with me, however, I must add that I am regularly consulted for fragrance quality advice by friends and family.  I’ll begin by sharing with you that I never wear EDT (Eau … Continue reading Scents and Sensibility

Eau de WHAT?

I thought I’d share something with you all, something you may or may not know about perfume, well, only expensive perfumes. This conversation has came up a few times, and it usually goes like this: A friend: Mmmmm, you smell good, what are you wearing? Me: Creed (could be Spring Flower/Aqua Fiorentina/Imperial Millesime). A friend: Never heard of it but I am SOOOO getting it, … Continue reading Eau de WHAT?