Out with the old, in with..the favourites

For a number of reasons, I have been AWOL on social media for a while, primary reason being my beloved Baby Blue was ill with terminal cancer and he went to sleep forever last week. It’s still too soon to talk about it but I will when I am ready. Another reason is because I was studying reformer pilates, which I will cover in a … Continue reading Out with the old, in with..the favourites

The Usual Suspects – Lips

Like most girls, I tend to accumulate A LOT of lip products in my bag by the end of the week. I decided to feature my most popular lip swag, some of them are classics I always wear and some are new additions to the ever-growing lip (stick/balm/tint/gloss/you-name-it) collection. So, take a look at my line up of the usual suspects… My favourite lipsticks are; * Stila … Continue reading The Usual Suspects – Lips

Bite me Zinfandel!

I picked this lil beauty up from Selfridges’ fancy schmancy beauty workshop area over a month ago – I think (could be longer, can’t remember). BITE Beauty is a Canadian brand, specialising in all-natural lip care…and apparently healthy enough to…EAT! I was ecstatic to see the BITE display in Selfridges, I saw it in Sephora in LA and kicked myself for not buying anything from … Continue reading Bite me Zinfandel!