Eating, Loving and Wearing (#ELW)

Living and working in Dubai is not a permanent holiday as some of my friends seem to think (*shakes head and finger simultaneously). However, somehow, I don’t know how BUT us expats ALWAYS find the time to discover new places to eat. In a city where residents eat out on average 11 x week and where 139 new properties (91 hotels and 48 hotel apartments) … Continue reading Eating, Loving and Wearing (#ELW)

Shopping (and dog walking) in Dubai

Although Zuri is a supermodel dog with her long legs and gorgeous looks, she certainly DOES NOT know how to pose in front of the camera, unlike Minaj (RIP). I can’t quite believe I actually walked my dogs in this outfit, but there was a valid reason…..seriously… Come on, did you REALLY think I would intentionally wear this to walk my dogs, in the desert?! … Continue reading Shopping (and dog walking) in Dubai